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We know this can all seem a bit crazy, and it is but not in a scary way.
If you made it this far, your inner child is looking to rock out.

As for your adult self, know that Kayabi is safe and doesn't require
any special athletic skills.

40 N River Piers #10
New York, NY 10014

(212) 924-1327


There's nothing like kayaking on the Hudson with your friends,
taking in the scenery... and beaning each other with dodgeballs.
That childish sense of play, that grownup freedom—that's Kayabi.

Kayabi combines dodgeball with personal kayaking on a floating court 
to deliver a friendly game that's like nothing else in the world.

Don't worry about your job or your responsibilities.
Worry about the important stuff in life: having fun, connecting with nature, and throwing multicolored playground balls in all directions.